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Private Motorist Stock

  • Exclusive stock from motorists across the UK
  • Regular Auctions
  • No platform/monthly fees
  • Lowest possible buying fees
  • Cap Hpi valuation/provenance reports

Dealer to Dealer Stock

  • Sell your unwanted stock and find new stock
  • No platform/monthly fees
  • No selling fees
  • No buying fees
  • Cap Hpi valuation/provenance reports
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How does it work?

CarsVansandBikes.com have created an exceptionally easy to use platform that allows private customers to list and sell their cars quickly and easily to the trade.

All cars, vans or motorbikes listed on CarsVansandBikes.pro are exclusive to us, you won't find them anywhere else.

Private customers list their vehicles in our daily auction and members, like you, bid for these cars - based on exactly what type of stock is best for your dealership.

How much does it cost to buy vehicles on CarsVansandBikes.pro

Its FREE to join CarsVansandBikes.pro

Buying private vehicles incurs a small fee - the lowest in the industry

Buying from the Trade is completely FREE

And better still, selling to the Trade is also completely FREE

FREE Trade 2 Trade

If you ever wanted to sell your unwanted stock to the trade or are simply looking for a quality source of trade vehicles from a pool of verified motor traders you have come to the right place!

Better still is completely free to sell, free to buy with no membership or monthly fees. When we say FREE we mean FREE!

Every vehicle listed comes with a completely FREE CAP HPI report to our verified motor dealers.

Give it a try today, you will be delighted with what you find

Remember it costs nothing to join, and fees for winning bidders are the lowest around.

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